Your first bio-hack is probably wrong, mine was

Bio-hacking, sounds so appealing, so intriguing, yes, this is my nerd entry into the matrix sort of feeling.

I don't know how to explain it but the feeling that I hoped it was for me was the feeling of when I am loading up a server or installing a new distro of linux on a machine and ringing in my headphones is the soundtrack to my real life movie scored by Skrillex.

My first bio-hack was the wrong one, like many, I wanted the fast track option. It doesn't really matter what it was, I can tell you it works, but nothing like your first bio-hack should work. Mine was something I call Mod, but really the effects of mod come no where near the effects of what I ended up doing.

What my first bio-hack should have been is basic nutrition and basic exercise. Yeah, I know, no where near as sexy. These two things are so powerful though. The problem is that they are hard to accomplish. I even thought I was not that far off. Now that I look at myself then, I see that I was wrong, really wrong.

My start body picture

This is me and this is me doing my best to make myself look as good as I can without my shirt on.

More than this, was my underline health. I had blood work done before this, also had some other health tests done that made me super concerned with my health. I had stress, bad health, and out of shape.

How I changed this.

The turn of the year of 2013, I was done being sick. I was so sick of being sick every once and a while. I was done with it. I was going to workout a way to get out of this rut I was in. I didn't really know how bad off I was, but I knew it was time to start to research things and move to a better way of life.

Anyone who knows me, will know that besides my grandmother who passed this year that Joe Rogan is a hero of mine. To me he is a man that grows in both physical and mental ability and helps build up the people around him to do the same. Through his podcast I was introduced to nootropics and bio-hacking. I used this base introduction to the topic to start to work on my health.

This eventual lead me to leave the software company that I started and join as the CTO at Kenzai. When I first started looking into Kenzai, they were looking for someone to run the tech side of things internally, and I was looking to change my life. It was not the approach I was thinking really. I had a more bio-hacky idea in mind, but for me this was a big step in the right direction as long as it was solid.

I can say one thing, at first I was not really sold that this was something good for people. Any diet online thing to me at the time automatically screamed SCAM. So I dug into things and what I found was something totally different. I went through the back-end of the program and how it was managed. Then I went through almost every graduate of the Kenzai Body program I could ( What I saw over and over was around week 7 to week 8, the users that engaged in the program really started to change physically. I know now that the users success rate of the program is around 93% wich is really high. This is where I started to say ok, these guys have something here. So as soon as I started working with them I joined the program.

Long story short, I changed my life, I became healthy, but also, I became able to have more energy, perform better and become more and more of the optimal person that I wanted to get from all the bio-hacking ideas I had.

This is me at the end of the program. I dropped 14.4KG/31.7lbs and the real number that matters is I went from around 20-23% body fat, down to 13%. You really start to learn that body weight means nothing. What you want to track is your body fat.


The biggest stress release , my health problems were gone! On one test, I literally went from one end of the scale to another end of the scale (are you even alive? to you are so alive!)

Now this isn't an ad for Kenzai, I do work there, and its an amazing program. It is what I do full-time for work and I love what I do. But my key point here, is that basic nutrition, basic exerciser is the key hack that you need to do first before you do any other bio-hack. I currently don't do too many other bio-hacks. Not that I am not interested, just the time/cost benefit are not so much there for me right now and being healthy has just done so much for me. Mod I only touch right now when I need to deal with a sleep shift. I have actually found that if you over use it that it stops to work, so for me this can be used for travel if you really need to, but other than that, I can feel and see a huge change in how I am being effective through exerciser and diet.

I will say this about this hack to your life. It is a habit that you most likely don't have, its a habit that you need to form. The key to Kenzai for a lot of people is the community. Besides the real nutritionist that adjust every persons diet week to week. The trainers that are there all the time, there is the family. The family of users really holds you through the hard parts. This is key. When I think about it, I was training most of my life to be the person I was. My habits had no idea how to be healthy, how to be that person I wanted to be. There is debate to how long it takes to break a habit. Some people say 21 days. I think that is a bit of BS really when it comes to a health change like this. I see watching all of our users that it takes about 70 days really to break the bad health habit, but maybe this is because it is such a mountain of habits that you have to break them step by step on top of each other.

I am proud to say that I am almost a year out, it has been one of the hard/busiest years of my life. I am pretty much still in the same condition I was after I finished. More body hair.. ha..

This is me on July 1st. I took this picture because I had a plan to do a strong July run, but I came down with a staph infection and being so I have had to cut the exerciser down a lot, but I still plan to make a month push as soon as I can handle it. I do say that this image is still my same level.

I have another post to write to finish this topic up. But this is part 1.

If this post hits home in anyway for you, please contact me and I would love to give you a discount to Kenzai Body. But really, do something!, I just want to help people changed their lives

TLDR: Health, excersise, they are the keys to any bio-hack you ever do. I changed this through Kenzai's 90 day Body program. I also work at Kenzai.