Getting ThinkVision LT1421 Protable Monitor Working with Ubuntu & Elementary OS

A while back I was able to pick up a ThinkVision LT1421 cheap off yahoo auctions Japan. I have wanted this monitor for a while, the thing that held me back was that it was not supported in earlier versions of Ubuntu. I tend to check every once and a while to see if its supported and recently it looked to be so. I did the search on auctions and found one used in Japan cheap!

(I run my setup at home with a ThinkPad w520 on Ubuntu 14.04 and Synergy,, to control them with my X1)

Fast-forward to it coming in, I plug it in, and no go! Well coming from working with Linux from years before this is pretty standard operations, so for sure someone has gotten this to work. Thats when I cam across a post that linked to this a repo on github that had a script to get it to work. Oh yeah, so I checkout his repo and give the code a try... no go. I forget now what the actual problem was but pretty sure it was not finding the device correctly through the logic of the script he was using. His script was based heavily on using xrandr which I was not familiar with at the time. Lets just say that this seems way easier than it used to be when I would try and mess with xorg config settings. I forked the repo and was able to get this working here for myself.

You can find the script here:

Now this is setup for the Thinkpad X1 Carbon which I love! I have tested this on Elementary OS Freya 64bit and Ubuntu 14.04 64bit.

If you want to get this script working it is setup to work with my X1 Carbon and if you run a different laptop you will need to adjust the code a bit.

To do this you first need to workout what your main display is. You can do this by using xrandr:


After you do this, look for the name of your monitor, mine on the X1 is LVDS1, I also have an HDMI monitor connected which comes up as HDMI1.

I have four settings that I run.

  • When I want to run the monitor left: thinkvision-set-left.bash
  • When I want to run the monitor right: thinkvision-left-hdmi-right.bash
  • When I run the monitor at home with my HDMI monitor: thinkvision-left-hdmi-right.bash
  • When I want to turn the LT1421 off: Here I use the thinkvision-set-left.bash, with the setting to off thinkvision-set-left.bash off

What I have done at home is create four alias to run this in my .bashrc file.

  • alias trimode='bash ~/tvlt1421_ubuntu/thinkvision-left-hdmi-right.bash on'
  • alias tvoff='bash ~/tvlt1421_ubuntu/thinkvision-set-left.bash off'
  • alias tvonleft='bash ~/tvlt1421_ubuntu/thinkvision-set-left.bash on'
  • alias tvonright='bash ~/tvlt1421_ubuntu/thinkvision-set-right.bash on'

This lets me easily adjust my settings when needed.

I have been running this setup for a while now and I have to say that I love it so much! It is great for productivity and just fun.

So remember you need to adjust this to fit your needs so please fork this and use it! Post below if you have any questions or issues getting it going.