Getting Dropbox Notification Taskbar Menu Working in Elementary OS Freya [Updated X2]

Updated 1/29/2016 for the 2nd time!

So for the longest time I have been dealing with Dropbox with no taskbar icon menu. While you can use it command line and for help on that all you need to do is to run the command:


This will bring up the simple options of using Dropbox command line.

So I found some fixes, first one was:

* Install the latest official .deb
* then edit your ~/.bashrc to include export </del>DROPBOX_USE_LIBAPPINDICATOR=1
* source your .bashrc source ~/.bashrc * Last restart dropbox dropbox stop && dropbox start -i &

Yes! It is working, so I thought, but then when you go to restart it does not work again. Even if you add the command to your autostartup it won't work. Reason I would guess is because the you are running things through your .bashrc so the user vs the system user when it starts is not the same and so it won't pick up the Libappindicator setting in the bash file. I didn't really dig too much into that so I could be wrong, but I did work out way to fix it form some other things I read and tweaking them to work for me.

[UPDATED AGAIN, now more simple] Here are the steps I recommend to make this work: [UPDATED x2]

  1. If you installed the latest .deb by downloading from dropbox then remove it! If not skip to step 2, you can run this just in case it won't hurt either way.

    sudo apt-get remove dropbox

  2. Install Nautilus Dropbox

    sudo apt-get install nautilus-dropbox

  3. Now launch Dropbox through the applications menu and go through the wizard and connect your account.

  4. Now you most likley selected some folders or all of them, so the next step will take a bit of time. First run:

    dropbox stop

  5. This might take a bit of time depending on the status of dropbox, to work this out you need to run.

    dropbox status

    If you get:

    Dropbox isn't responding!

    Keep checking until you get:

    Dropbox isn't running!

  6. Now run

    env XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=Unity dropbox start

  7. From there, go to settings and turn off "Start Dropbox on system startup"

  8. Go to system settings -> Applications , from the tab up top select "Startup" and add a command from the + button at the bottom left and there will be an input where you can enter in a command below and press enter to save.

    env XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=Unity dropbox start

From here you should have the taskbar menu icon and ability to adjust the settings and visually see the status of your Dropbox! Restart or logout to confirm that its working on auto startupt.